You’re required to have an Identity Card (with valid expiration date) to book a domestic tour in Vietnam and Passport (with more than 6 months of validity) for an international tour, depending on tourist destinations and your nationality. In addition, for some countries, you will also need to have a passport that is valid for 3 to 6 months beyond its expiration date, as well as any other documents that the Consulate/Embassy may require in order to apply for a visa.

Depending on the regulations of each tour, you can book a tour at least a number of days before to the departure date. However, in order to guarantee a decent seat and a planned itinerary, travelers should register at least 1 week in advance for domestic tours in Vietnam and 1 month in advance for international tours compared to the departure date.

– Especially for tours that require a Visa, you must prepare documents to apply for a Visa in accordance with the specific requirements of each destination country. Please keep in mind that Visa processing can take up to 6 weeks and frequently has a service charge. In the case of a visa rejection, you will forfeit their Visa fee and flight deposit according to the section listed in Policy – Cancelation Conditions in the detailed Tour Program of each tour.

– To ensure health and safety during the tour and to have the best experience, travelers need to guarantee their health while participating in Heyotour’s tours.
+ For female travelers aged 55 and older, and male travelers between 60 years of age and older: Heyotour advises you to go with a relative under the age of 55 (who meets health requirements), to be ready to assist you instantly if any problem arises while on tour.
+Travelers aged 70 and older must be accompanied by a relative under the age of 55 (in good health), and is required to present a medical certificate that includes a doctor’s affirmation of good health AND a health commitment in the appropriate form.
+ Travelers aged 80 and older do not have insurance, so Heyotour normally does not accept travelers of this age.

– For people with limited mobility using a wheelchair, please refer to the regulations and policies on tour participants in the Policy of each tour’s Travel programs for more details.

Travelers from 14 – 18 years old:
– For traverlers with foreign nationality: passport (original) must be valid for more than 6 months beyond the date of return.
– For travelers with Vietnamese nationality, one of the following documents is required:
+ Passport (original) must be valid beyond the date of return.
+ ID card (with a validity period of under 15 years from the date of issue).
+ Certifying personal identification form by local police or authorities about his/her residence.

Travelers aged 14 and under:
– For traverlers with foreign nationality: passport (original).
– For traverlers with Vietnamese nationality, one of the following documents must be presented:
+ Passport (original) must be valid for more than 06 months beyond the date of return.
+ Birth certificate (original).
+ Birth Certifying Form (infants under one (01) month old);
+ Valid certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organisation.

For children under 14 years old traveling by plane without an accompanying person, in addition to the preceding documents, the signed commitment and authorisation documents from the legal representative are required.

– Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by Parents or relatives over 18 years old. For solo travel (depending on the age specified by tour suppliers), children are required to present a letter of authorisation verified by the local government.
– You should contact the supplier for further details.

For VAT invoice after the puschase is made, please contact our hotline at (+84) 368 627 318 or send a request including invoice information to kinhdoanh@heyotour.com. We’re not going to issue invoices after the tour ends.

Please refer to the Policy section in Tour program of each tour for more details on regulatory information and included/excluded services in the tour price.

Travelers with particular meal requirements (vegetarians, allergies, etc.) should inform the tour guide and Heyotour Customer Service Center in advance after booking the tour to avoid needless omissions.

– For domestic tours in Vietnam:
+ When registering alone, you will have to pay an additional charge for a single room. If there is another solo traveler of the same gender, you will be paired with him/her, and Heyotour will refund this charge to you.

– For international tours:
+ When registering alone, you will share a room with a fellow traveler or Heyotour tour leader of the same gender. If you want to rest comfortably, you can register for a single room for an additional charge.

+ In case passengers register in a group of 3 people, they will be arranged in a triple room. In this room type, the hotel usually adds an extra bed/folding bed or sofa bed that is unlike the existing bed in the room.

+ If there is no triple room available, Heyotour encourages passengers to separate 1 person to pair with another person (for international tours) or pay an additional charge for a single room (for domestic tours in Vietnam) for a more comfortable space, convenient to rest and use the toilet. Heyotour will prioritize arranging two rooms close to each other so passengers can easily contact.

Regulations on tour cancelation time and refund-cancelation policy are specified in the Policy section in Tour program of each tour. For any reasons of absence, please refer to this information to know if you may cancel and get a refund.

– Heyotour is responsible for receiving complaints regarding payment transactions on Heyotour. Heyotour promotes a solution of negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain User’s trust in Heyotour’s service quality, and the following steps are followed:
+ Step 1: The user who makes a complaint on payment transactions sends his/her feedback via email of the Sales Department at kinhdoanh@heyotour.com.
+ Step 2: Heyotour Sales Department will receive complaints from the User. Depending on the complaint’s nature and severity, Heyotour will take specific measures to assist the Customer in settling the dispute under the Heyotour’s published Policies.

– In case the conflict arising from the transaction between two parties has not been settled under the agreements yet, one of two parties has the right to have the competent authority intervene to ensure the legitimate interest of the parties.

– If you have a medical condition, ensure to bring all relevant medications with you before departure. Also, notify us about your significant medical conditions (if any) at the time of tour booking for assistance. It seems that locations included in tours will not guarantee immediate access to pharmacies or health stations.

– Unfortunately, some of our tours won’t be accessible for people with physical disabilities. Please contact the Customer Service Center of Heyotour to discuss which tours would be appropriate according to the level of support required before booking a tour. Failure to notify additional needs prior to your reservation may mean that we won’t be able to proceed with your booking at a later stage.

– We need to make sure that any special needs, services, or those who are in charge of support throughout the tour are discussed at the time of booking. Heyotour does not offer equipment such as wheelchairs and will not be responsible for the failure of providing these services of a traveler or his/her companion.

– Sickness is something no one expects to happen. It sometimes does come up while travelers are en route to experience new foods and lifestyles in tourist destinations. Depending on illness severity, the Tour Guide or tour manager will help you find different medications or first aid treatments. In the event of a serious medical incident, going to the nearest medical facility to be well treated is considered the wisest decision.

– Purchasing global travel insurance while traveling with Heyotour is a must and will ensure insurance coverage for any personal injuries, medical expenses, etc. that you may incur.

In Heyotour’s tour programs, overseas destinations are all standout ones that draw visitors around the World. That’s why You should keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times, especially in crowded areas, always go with the group, and do not arbitrarily leave the group to ensure safety.

Book Tour

Once you complete your tour payment, you will receive a confirmation email of your reservation, including a booking number and tour information. You can also check your booking status by going to “Invoice” on the Heyotour website.

We provide a search engine so that you can search for a schedule that matches your declared requirements.
Option 1: Quick search on the homepage
1. At the homepage https://heyotour.com/, enter one or more of the following fields:
– Where to?: Enter a keyword for the place in the itinerary you want to travel or choose a destination from the list of suggestions.
– How long?: Select the start month and end month of the trip. Click Apply.
2. Click Search.
Option 2: Quick search by topic
1. Hover your mouse over the Tour section on the page’s menu bar and a list of suggested Tour topics will appear.
2. Select your desired Tour topic or select Browse all trips if you don’t have any plans yet.
Option 3: Search by Detail Filter
1. Click the Tour section on the page’s menu bar, select Filter, and then search for your desired Tour using each of the following search criteria:
– Search: enter a keyword for the place in the itinerary you want to travel.
– Price range: select a desired price range on the slider bar.
– Destination: select a tourist destination in the itinerary you want to travel.
– Duration: select a number of days you plan to travel.
– #Tags: select your desired tour topic.
– Star rating: select a star rating of the tour
Please wait a moment after using each search criterion, the system will display tours that match your requirements.
2. To delete the requirements you previously provided, click Reset Filter.
3. To easily compare and choose a suitable tour, at the search results sorting tool, select one of the following arrangements:
– Sort by popularity.
– Sort by average rating.
– Sort by latest.
– Sort by price: low to high.
– Sort by price: high to low.
After you enter information completely and accurately, the system will display the most appropriate results for your tour search requirements.

1. After you have searched for the tour that meets your needs, select your desired tour.
2. View detailed information such as Tour Description, List of tour services, Price, Departure date, Schedule, Policy, Photos and Reviews.
3. Select the number of adults you want to book by clicking on the plus minus buttons to change the quantity.
4. Select departure date you want to book at the time frame (Note: The dates in bold are the days with the tour departure schedule).
5. Click Book Now.
You will be redirected to the Tour booking interface on Heyotour, where you declare your information and pay for your booking.
6. Declare tour booking information:
– Billing Details: declare the payer’s information including Email, Full name, Country, Town/City, Street address and Phone number.
– Additional Information (if any).
7. Select a Payment Method:
– Direct bank transfer: make your payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID in the Payment content section.
– Payment via AppotaPay payment gateway by domestic ATM card/Internet banking, Visa/MasterCard, AppotaPay/Moca/ShopeePay e-wallet and Viet Capital Bank bank transfer.
– International payment by American Express/Discover/Visa/MasterCard international payment card: Enter the information stated on your payment card into the corresponding fields, including Card number, Expiration date, and CVC code.
8. Click Place Order.
You will be redirected to the payment interface of your chosen payment method.
Fully update the information to complete the payment process.


1. Go to https://heyotour.com/my-account?lang=en or click Login in the top right of the screen of any Heyotour page.
2. In the Register section, enter the email address and password you want to use.
To secure your account and personal information, please create a strong password. A strong password can be memorable to you but nearly impossible for someone else to guess.
3. Click Register to complete the account creation process.
Alternatively, if you already have a Google account, you can quickly create a Heyotour account using your Google login information:
– Select “with Google”
– Select and sign in to your Google account

How to log in to a Heyotour account:
1. Go to https://heyotour.com/my-account?lang=en or click Login in the top right of the screen of any Heyotour page.
2. Enter the email address that you use to register for your Heyotour account.
3. Enter your password.
4. Click Log in.
If you have registered for a Heyotour account with your Google account, just select “with Google”. If you’re not signed in to Google, login is required to log into your Heyotour account.
How to log out of a Heyotour account:
1. Click your profile picture thumbnail in the top right of the screen of any Heyotour page.
2. Click Logout.

1. Hove over or click the profile picture thumbnail in the top right of the screen of any Heyotour page and select Account.
2. In the Change Password section, enter Current password, New password, and Confirm new password.
3. Click Save changes.
Note: The password can be changed only after you have filled in your Full name and Phone number. Once your password has been changed successfully, the system will send you an email notification about your Password changes to your email address.

1. In the login interface, click Forgot password? below the login section or go to https://heyotour.com/my-account/lost-password?lang=en
2. Enter your username or email.
3. Click Reset password.
4. Check your inbox. Heyotour has sent you an email, then select Click here to reset your password.
5. Enter New password and Re-enter new password.
6. Click Save to finish creating a new password when you forget your password.

1. Click on the national flag icon in the top right of the screen of the Heyotour homepage.
2. Select the language by country you want Heyotour to appear in.
Note: The system will provide different inbound and outbound tours based on your selected language by country

Once order payment/booking is successful, the status and details of the order will be saved in Billings. This is a section to help users track the history and status of orders they’ve booked on Heyotour.
1. Access Billings by hovering over or clicking the profile picture thumbnail in the top right of any Heyotour page and selecting Billings.
2. View your order information, including Order ID, Booking Date, Order Status and Total Price.
3. You can click View at the order to see the detailed information:
Payment information: Tour name, Subtotal, Payment method, and Total payment.
Billing address: Full name, Address, Phone number, and Email.

1. Hover over or click the profile picture thumbnail in the top right of the screen of any Heyotour page and select Payment method.
2. Click Add payment method.
3. To add an international payment method by American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard, you need to fill out the information fields with your payment card information including Card number, Expiration date and CVC code.
4. Press Enter or click Add payment method to finish adding a payment method.

You can sign up to receive email updates on new product announcements, special promotions, and more.
How to subscribe:
1. In the Subscribe section at the bottom of any Heyotour page, enter your email address.
2. Click Subscribe to complete the subscription and receive the latest notifications from Heyotour.