Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Unless provided by other terms and policies, users who choose to pay on the Heyo Tour Website must comply with the provisions of the Payment Terms. The payment terms for the Heyo Tour Website user community will basically have contents:
  • The user who uses payment tools on the Heyo Tour Website is 18 years old or has representatives or guardians getting involved, and makes sure that he/she has read and understood his/her rights and responsibilities as well as ours.
  • We will contact users via their account on the Heyo Tour Website or email them payment information or their account when they use payment tools on the Heyo Tour Website or associated service.
  • With the principles of financial information security, we guarantee the security of User's financial information for using payment tools on the Heyo Tour Website.

1/ Definition

1.1 Definition:

A type of non-cash online payment, made through organizations providing online payment services.

1.2. Cash payment:

A type of payment that customers and suppliers use cash to pay in.

1.3. Online payment gateway:

An electronic payment gateway providing online payment services affiliated with HEYO to support the implementation of non-cash payment.

2/ Payment Methods:

2.1 Prepayment by bank transfer or directly at HEYO Group office:

  • Prepayment by bank transfer is a payment method that customers choose by direct transfer to the HEYO GROUP bank account number that is publicly updated on the system after closing an order.
Account information: Account holder: HEYO GROUP COMPANY LIMITED. Account number: 110002908695 at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank For Industry And Trade
  • Prepayment by cash directly at the HEYO GROUP office is a payment method for customers who can come directly to the HEYO GROUP office and make a payment at the counter after closing an order on the website.
Address: 133 Tan Cang Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, HCMC. Business Registration Certificate 0316841312 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment, the first registration dated on May 5, 2021, the first registration for change dated on June 8, 2021. Tel: (+84) 368 627 318. Email:

2.2 Payment via online payment gateways/E-wallets affiliated with Heyo (ATM/iBanking of domestic banks or Visa/Mastercard international payment card)

After closing an order, customers choose a payment method through the online payment gateway integrated on the website by domestic card or Visa/Mastercard/E-wallet.

2.3 Authorization

When choosing a payment method through online payment gateways affiliated with Heyo ATM/iBanking of domestic banks or international payment cards (Visa/Mastercard), the User authorizes payment gateways to send a request to the card issuer to approve payment of an amount equal to the payment value incurred in the transaction that the User is making.

2.4 Costs incurred

Users are responsible for payment of bank fees once choosing the type of non-cash payment and making a top-up transaction to the payment fund.

3/ Heyo Group's rights and responsibilities for payment transactions on the Heyo Tour website.

  • HEYO stipulates the conditions for using the order payment features of Users on HEYO;
  • HEYO reserves the right to cancel a payment transaction if we are aware of having violations of laws, our Payment Terms, Data Policies and Privacy Rights;
  • HEYO will not collect or store all the information provided by users, but minimal information is archived to ensure the ability to complete transactions, track and handle complaints (if any)
  • HEYO will keep the payment information collected from customers confidential unless we are required to provide it for the third party that may be a partner of HEYO, a card issuer or a competent state agency to ensure carry-out transaction, product improvement as well as HEYO’s Business system development;
  • HEYO will do its best to resolve any customer issues that arise in the process of payment;
  • Other rights and obligations are governed by applicable laws and HEYO policies from time to time.

4/ Payment support

4.1 Users have duty to notify us

Users are responsible for notifying us immediately when they have grounds to determine that an unauthorized transaction has been made by their account. We will coordinate with payment gateways to take action on preventing Users from financial loss. To the extent permitted by law, Users make a complaint to us about issues that arise from or relate to payment transactions within 30 days from a charge date.

4.2 Technical problems:

If the User encounters any technical problems or interruptions causing payment transactions to be unsuccessful, they may request HEYO to complete that transaction.

5/ Updating HEYO Group's Terms:

  • We may need to update the content of these Payment Terms at any time as we deem necessary to the extent permitted by applicable law. At the time the User confirms the transaction, the updated Payment Terms will govern that transaction content. We will contact the User at any time via his/her registration account or email address for any important information regarding the user account and the payment that they have paid through the payment services on HEYO. Notification methods can be sent to the User through the notification section on our website, the email address registered by the User or the current residential address that the User has provided to us. We will assume that the User has received notifications on the website and via email within 24 hours after the notification is posted or sent, and within 03 (three) business days for mail sent to the User's address by post.
  • The User may send us the notification regarding Payment services on HEYO or our Payment Terms to the address:
HEYO GROUP COMPANY LIMITED, Sales Department, 133 Tan Cang Street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

6/ User Complaints:

HEYO is responsible for receiving complaints regarding payment transactions on HEYO. HEYO promotes a solution of negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain User's trust in HEYO's service quality, and the following steps are followed:
  • Step 1: The User who makes a complaint on payment transactions sends his/her feedback via email of the Sales Department at
  • Step 2: HEYO Sales Department will receive complaints from the User. Depending on the complaint's nature and severity, HEYO will take specific measures to assist the Customer in settling the dispute under the HEYO's published Policies. In case the conflict arising from the transaction between two parties has not been settled under the agreements yet, one of two parties has the right to have the competent authority intervene to ensure the legitimate interest of the parties.
Nếu thông qua hình thức thỏa thuận mà vẫn không thể giải quyết được mâu thuẫn phát sinh từ giao dịch giữa hai bên, thì một trong hai bên sẽ có quyền nhờ đến cơ quan pháp luật có thẩm quyền can thiệp nhằm đảm bảo lợi ích hợp pháp của các bên.

7/ Additional terms

7.1 If there is a conflict between the Terms of Service and these Terms, the Payment Terms for the HEYO User Community will prevail.

7.2 The provisions of these Payment Terms are completely separate. If any provision is invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, then such invalid or unenforceable provisions shall not affect any other terms.

7.3 These Terms are written in Vietnamese. If any translation of these terms conflicts with the Vietnamese version, the Vietnamese version will govern.