What are the visa application documents?

Whether applying for a tourist visa, visiting relatives, or working, you must ensure that your application has the following documents:

– Profile:

1. Signed passport (valid for at least 06 months) and blank page with visa stamp.

2. 02 International standard 4×6 photos (photo taken not older than 6 months, bare head, white shirt, white background)

3. Visa application form (form 48R) filled in with all information and signed for certification (the signature on the declaration must match the signature on the Passport)

4. Notarized copies of all pages of the current household registration book with the visa applicant’s name on it

5. Notarized copy of Birth Certificate

6. Original Curriculum Vitae certified by the local authority where the visa applicant is registered to live (Translated into English)

7. Proof of single/married/divorced status

8. Declaration with details of family history

– Financial records:

1. Notarized copy of personal account in the last 3 months

2. Certificate of account balance with a minimum value of 5,000 – 7,000 USD

3. Other financial proofs (real estate book, vehicle, …)

– Job profile + Visa for administrative and non-business sector:

1. Recruitment decision or appointment decision (in case of holding a position).2. Application for leave to travel (Vietnamese original and notarized translation into English – Or do it in English).3. Work certification.

– Apply for a visa for a limited liability company

1. In case you are the person named in the Business Registration Certificate, you only need to submit the Business Registration Certificate + tax receipt for the last 3 months.

2. In case you are an employee: labor contract, work confirmation and business registration certificate of the company where you are working.

3. In the case of retirees: Retirement decision or pension book.

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