$849 4 days

Coming to the 4 DAYS ESSENCE OF NORTHERN VIETNAM tour, visitors have a chance to explore picturesque small villages, immense tea hills, and scrumptious delicacies of the Northwest highlands. Comers will have a wonderful experience thanks to all of these factors.
– From the top of Thung Khe Pass, also known as Da Trang Pass, you can enlarge your vision on all four sides to contemplate Mai Chau valley, the Northwest mountains and forests extending further into the foggy distance.
– Take a boat trip around Hoa Binh Lake, Vietnam’s largest man-made reservoir, which has been likened to Ha Long Bay in the mountains.
– Pu Luong Nature Reserve features terraced rice fields in the ripe season, rainy season in the untamed mountains and forests, and humble cottages perched on the hillside.
– The Wilderness Dai Yem waterfall in the Northwest mountains provides a soothing sense when you are submerged in the cool breezes.

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